October 28, 2012

Psychotic Spacecore - Overcat / Electro-Mud

Cover with a burning guitar? Instantly sold to me.
Cover (c) by 100 % Zero Records.

Overcat / Electro-Mud: Split
100%Zero Records (2012)
Vinyl LP 33 rpm

Listen up, fellow zombies! Would you like to live in a world where (ex-)members of King Missile, Sockeye and Breathilizor team up to offer you a split vinyl record? Would you let them fuck around with your brain a bit? No way would you be allowed to let this happen, good kid. But as this record already exists why not review it:

Overcat is a guitar and drums duo of Roger Murdock and Dave Rick (King Missile et al.). Their song "Fanfare for the Common Cold" is spinning on the whole side A and the duration alone suggests you may expect a psych rock trip deluxe. As it happens that is exactly what happens, altough I can't believe it yet. Formally this thing is quite a classic jam, beginning with some calm fumbling around, then building up a massive wall of sound before disappearing ... behind the moon or wherever you like it to cease. In fact this is creature creeps from under your bed to become a huge monster. Tell ya, when in the future I am feeling like wanting 20 minutes of whirling psychedelia blowing away the pain and nothingness of my existence I now have the choice between Bardo Pond and Overcat. Mind you there are quite a lot of bands trying the side-long psych-out routine but - o heaven - so many bore us to death within 2 minutes. Not so with Overcat, they rule, now get this, review closed.

On side B we meet long time acquaintances Poopy Necroponde and Butt Socrates (who runs the 100%Zero label) playing some electric mud and therefore calling themselves Electro-Mud. Tardcore aficionados will already know them from Sockeye, Breathilizor and thousands of other quirky projects. (And if you aren't a Tardcore aficionado already I hereby command you to become one or leave this page immediately!). When Poopy and Butt are in town you know it's like The Residents, Napalm Death, Brian Eno and Iron Maiden get together on a stage for doing a band aid concert for all the victims of ... uhm, let's say: evil demons who live in books (so, don't you ever read a book! it's very bad for your health and your brain). But then you have to imagine these bands morph into just two people and you don't know which of the influences will be combined. It's an absolute mystery to me how all those projects on labels like 100%Zero or Wheelchair Full of Old Men keep the Tardcore genre alive and fresh by pulling out one timeless classic after another. But that's just the way it is. Sometimes I got the feeling I don't need any other music at all and then I know something must have went terribly wrong with me. Well, well, well. By this time I am very honest with you I don't know where this review is going to. Let me just tell you two track titles to convince you that you need to listen this:

Insurance Companies Protect my Dreams
Capitalism Will Eat Itself (It already has, but thank you for playing.)
Now imagine Poopy telling you stuff like this in a clearly demented, absolutely psychotic way while this duo's guitar and drums jam is going on and the music gets filtered and fucked up through myriads of weird devices. And it's even better! I am very afraid of listening to the B-side again and get sucked into this Maelstrom of sound and anxiety ... in fact I always wanted to write a record review including the phrase "Maelstrom of sound", and now that it happened I feel nothing.

Now go and tell your mommie she should buy you this record. You can listen to some Electro-Mud maelstrom-stuff in this player below. Don't forget to grab that too.  Please leave me alone now, gotta burn my books.